Melissa Bailey Straight-Forward Consulting

Melissa Bailey

Melissa Bailey is a Global Business Process Outsourcing Executive with a successful 25+ year track record developing and optimizing customer service solutions to a diverse set of clients in multiple geographies and industries. 

Melissa brings “Best in Class” strategic leadership and provides expertise in how supply chain services can be better connected to the customer support model, bringing a more effective End-To-End solution to clients and their customers.  This includes mapping and optimizing the end-to-end customer support operations to the supply chain design.

Melissa is very experienced in managing sourcing strategies, partner selection, contract negotiations, transition and implementation plans.

She has deep experience in supporting clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, spanning Manufacturing, Technology, Telco, Retail, Utilities, Travel, Hospitality, and Financial industries.

Melissa brings onshore, nearshore, and offshore experience in managing teams and operations in North, Latin, and South America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

In addition to the strategic, operational and support responsibility, Melissa has been a key leader to guide companies and clients to design and re-engineer their Market, Footprint, and Customer Experience plans to meet evolving customer, business and financial objectives.  

Melissa has an MBA in Marketing and B.S. degree in Management.