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Logistics Solutions

Logistic Solutions

Logistics Procurement & Optimization

Get the best value of service and price with market leading carriers. The transportation world is very dynamic. Rules changes, cost increases, global trade changes, and carrier capacity dynamics make this an incredibly complex environment. Our expertise, combined with our buying power, can make this easy for you. Since 2009, our clients have enjoyed an average savings in their annual LTL spend by 27.6%, while the market was sustaining annual increases of 4-7%.

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      LTL Savings by Straight Forward Consulting

Packaging Optimization

Who is responsible for packaging design in your company? Because packaging’s impact is felt across many areas, yet it is ‘owned’ by a department, its impact is suboptimal. That is nobody’s fault. Chances are, you aren’t considering the package’s impact across the supply chain, and it could be costing you dearly.

THINK INSIDE THE BOX! There are literally hundreds of permutations of design options when considering case count, size, orientation, and pallet patterns. Unlike other ‘off the shelf’ commercial solutions, our solution optimizes for all variables simultaneously, and delivers an average total logistics savings of 10%-15%.

Warehouse Optimization

For many companies, warehousing is a necessary evil. They need to have it, but they certainly don’t optimize what they have. This results in more head count than needed, extra miles on material handling equipment, lost product, and late deliveries. We can help you save time, and make better use of your existing footprint and head count while improving efficiency, flexibility, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.